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Top 5 Cloud Migration Strategies for Application in 2022

Every business has distinct objectives, and will have different reason for moving a job to the cloud. Moving data, programmes, or other business components to a cloud computing environment is known as cloud migration. An organisation can migrate to the cloud in many ways. Data and apps can be moved from a nearby on-premises data centre to the public cloud using a similar model.

Cloud technology is essential to help organisations reopen, reinvent, and navigate volatility right now more than ever. As a result of the pandemic, an increasing number of organisations are accelerating their migration to the cloud, redefining their product lines, improving the cost, agility, and innovating how they run their operations. The cloud is increasingly essential to achieving end-to-end digital transformation since it is an on-demand, self-service environment.

While there has been a lot of information on application cloud migration options and the various strategies that surround them, this blog aims to focus on selecting the best strategy for mass application cloud migration.

Re-hosting, also known as lift and shift, involves moving servers or applications from their present hosting environment to a public cloud architecture. Re-hosting is frequent tactic used by businesses that are only beginning their migration journeys.

Repurchasing (also known as Replacing) is a method in which the old application is completely replaced with a SaaS-solution with the same or equivalent features. The migration effort is highly influenced by the needs and alternatives for migrating (live) data.

Refactoring/Re-architecting entails rethinking the architecture and development of an application, generally employing PaaS’s cloud-native characteristics. This is typically motivated by a critical business need to expand functionality, size, or performance that would be challenging to do in the application’s current setting.

Re-platforming strikes a balance between refactoring and re-hosting by making many adjustments to the application to make it more suitable for the cloud without fully redesigning it, as would be the case with refactoring. Re-platforming reduces cost and adds cloud-native features.

Retiring – Some workloads have served their purpose but are no longer required. During the mapping of the company’s cloud migration, it’s possible that an audit finds a service that minimal people use. Such services can be disabled, allowing the firm to concentrate on those that offer greater business value. To prevent squandering time and resources, it’s critical to identify and retire applications early in the cloud conversion process.

Adopting a cloud migration plan aids in locating and carrying out the on-premises to cloud conversion that is the quickest, least disruptive, and least expensive. Furthermore, it can assist in determining which present application workloads can be stopped or replaced, which should be rewritten, which should remain on-premises, which should be moved as-is to a cloud platform to run as-is or targeted to be enriched with native cloud services, and which cloud is the best destination for particular application. An enterprise cloud migration plan will combine these tactics to address the full application portfolio.

Since every organisation is unique, an enterprise cloud migration strategy should be specifically suited to each one’s demands in order to accomplish the required technical and financial results. Understanding the business objectives and the application portfolio is necessary to gain insight into the TCO and ROI of a migration project.

The quickest and most efficient method to innovate and manage your organisation right now is using cloud solutions. Real-time reporting and user experiences that are centred on the needs of your customers can help you respond and react quickly to changes in your business. Bring all of your IT resources into a single, secure cloud solution platform to move processing power exactly where it is needed.



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